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Welcome to Revitax

Revitax is an advisory company within Danish taxation, VAT and other duties. The company was established in 1987 and currently has 11 employees. The office is situated in the centre of Copenhagen.

  • We are some of the most experienced tax and VAT advisors in Denmark.
  • We handle the most difficult issues within Danish taxation and VAT, including their related international tax aspects.
  • We evaluate whether a case should be brought in a given tax or duty situation.
  • We are successful in trying tax and duty cases within the administrative system – e.g. The National Tax Tribunal - and within all Danish Courts.
  • We advise by phone on an immediate basis.
  • We teach within all areas of Danish taxation, VAT and duties.
  • We issue publications, e.g. a publication in English about the Danish tax system.
  • We are very competitive.
  • We co-operate worldwide with international tax firms.
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Phone: +45 3391 2201