Reply by phone

We may deal with a client’s tax and duty concern by phone. If so, the client will have an immediate reply to his/her question. If additional investigation is required, we will reply to the client later on that day or at an agreed point in time. Our reply is on a “stand alone basis”, i.e. without documentation. We charge per time spent, minimum DKK 500 plus Danish VAT.


Quick reply (Straxsvar)

Straxsvar is a short written reply to a question based on given information. Our reply refers to the relevant tax and VAT sources. The Straxsvar is e-mailed to the client on the day the question was posed (unless otherwise agreed). Before leaving Revitax the Straxsvar has to pass an internal quality check.

The Straxsvar can easily be inserted into the lawyer’s or accountant’s working papers as documentation.

We always charge per time spent with a half hour minimum.



Our advisors are specialists and cover all tax and duty areas. We have meetings with clients either in our office or at the client’s location. Often we recommend that the client provide us with information via e-mail in advance to make the meeting more efficient.


Further, we prepare memos and reports in Danish and English respectively, within all Danish tax and duty areas, including individual’s entering or leaving the country, management-buy-outs, migration of company’s residence, restructures, preparation of family take over and expatriation of employees.

We charge per time spent. If a co-operation with our contact persons in foreign Moore Stephens or PkF is required, their invoices for work will increase the total fee.


Application for Binding Rulings or Permissions

Due to the complexity of the Danish tax and duty legislation it is often necessary to file an application for a Binding Ruling or Permission respectively with SKAT (the Danish tax authorities). SKAT’s decision is binding for the tax authorities for a given period.


It is required that the application is in writing. We prepare such applications, negotiate and stay in contact with SKAT while they prepare their decision. Generally, SKAT will finalize their decision within 3 months.

Our fee depends on the time spent. It should be noted that if the client is foreign, SKAT normally asks us to translate their decision into English. Our fee will in this case be increased with the time spent on the subsequent translation.


Evaluation of tax and duty cases

Whenever SKAT is of the opinion that there is an issue, it becomes important to deal with the matter up front. Otherwise, this may end up in a long and costly affair. When SKAT has sent a first notification to a taxpayer (“agterskrivelse”) we evaluate whether the taxpayer should continue with this on the basis of our long time experience in the specific area. It is then up to the taxpayer to decide whether to proceed or not.


We prepare a memo with respect hereto, describing the facts and circumstances, our tax or duty point of view and the degree of probability to have contention upheld (totally or in part).

If we are only approached when the case is already up and running within the system, e.g. at a board of appeal, we prepare such memos at this point in time, irrespective of whether the case is at a local board of appeal at the Tax Appeats Agency ("Skatteankestyrelsen"), at The National Tax Tribunal (“Landsskatteretten”) or at one of the Danish Courts.

Generally, we charge DKK 6,000 plus Danish VAT for our memo of evaluation. However, if the case is more complex, we make an offer in written before starting our work.


We also assist with filing the complaint, related negotiations and with trying the case. This is not included in our fee mentioned above. For this work we charge per hour spent on the case.

For over 30 years we have conducted multiple cases within the administrative recourse system and at Danish courts. Our success in this area is very high given our long time experience within this field. A success depends on the strategy chosen up front. It is only possible to choose the correct strategy when very experienced.



We teach within all areas of Danish taxes and duties (language: Danish). We are very experienced in teaching as we have taught since Revitax was established.

We can also prepare specific courses adapted to a company’s needs with respect to employees or customers. If desired, a so called “gå hjem møde“(i.e. a meeting in the office at the end of the day) can be arranged at a Danish company’s office. Call us to get an idea of the possibilities.



Doing Business in  Denmark
The publication is a short description in English on Danish taxes and duties. Further, it contains useful information on establishment in Denmark, hereunder with respect to entities and requirements to accourting.

The publication can be ordered in paper or as a Pdf file. The price is DKK 45 plus VAT in paper.
Revitax is publishing more booklets (only in Danish), e.g. "Skatteinformation" twice a year - and for many years "Revifaxen." Revifaxen is published in step with changes in Danish tax and duty legislation or practice, i.e. around 50 times a year. The publication is e-mailed to accountants, lawyers and other subscribers.

The price is DKK 1,750 plus VAT for "Revifaxen."